Little Quotes
"Mom, I like when you wear earings.  You look like a normal mom."
"That leaf is getting the normal bug."
"Mom, you should rest your mouth."
"Ida, you better eat your cake before I do!"
"I think we should make hotdog cookies!"
"Horses go EEEEEk."
"That's good vanilla fiber."
"Hamburgers are made of wheat."
"These super boots are old shoes!"
"Time to skidooo."
"Gotta dash!"
"Oh, sorry stick.  I stepped on you."
"Hello, Mr. Light."
"Oh my holy hotdogs!"
"I think I'm allergic to jumping."
"Horses don't have teeth, just gums."
"Let's take a trip to potty land."
"What does Heaven look like?  Are there fits there?"
"That's not Mom.  That's the taxi."
"Oh my kittens."
"That the cook lady (Mom)."
"Do you like my teeth?  I would absolutely bite you."
"Ida, you're doin' the scared out of your shorts dance."
"Rule of life #34: If you can't play, make sure you ride a bike."
"Grandpa kissed Ida so much that she died!"
"I want to live in the country."
"Ida, you better eat your cake so I don't eat it!"
"Don't be curious, doggie."
"When I'm a big boy, I'm going to be a soccer ball.............player."
"Mom, you should rest your mouth."
"Good night, mosquito bite."
"Water bill? How did you learn about that?"
"Don't be sad, just dance!"
"Can you worry about Ida? I don't want to."
"Where did our house come from?"
"I have lots of boogers, but I won't eat them."
"Dada, you have to not move your mouth. Just freeze it."
"Those are rain clouds because it's getting darker."
"There's the dog man. Hi dog. Hi man."
"I'm diggin' my booger."
"Dada, you're a whale on the beach. Mama, you're a shark."
"This is the running ice cream cone dance."
"You're a good mama. I really like our house."
"Hold the door, I'm going to skidoo!"
"The sun is coming with us."
"That's too many broken cars in that junk yard."
"I'm real hungry because I'm a tough boy."
"I could play and sing all day."
"I'm wearing my happy clothes!"
"I'm running really fast like a turtle."
"I don't love green boogers."
"My hair is stretched out with drool I got on it."
"Have you seen a roadrunner wear a sweatshirt?"
"The giants are coming! (Mom and Dad)"
"I think I will dream about lizards tonight."
"Slow down, Brain.  I'm getting dizzy!"
"I was a thousand thirsty."
"Your breathe is a stinkier than dad's!"
"I have stinky germs."
"Dad, you smell handsome."
"I'm a left/right expert."
"Mom, can you get my Scooby-Doo coloring book?  And just so you know, I'm hiding!"
"Tell Ida that I'm definitely not having a crabby party."
"Wow, thirty-one is MUCH older than ten."
"Your skin is SO bright mom.  Well, kinda yellowish."

Littler Quotes
"That toot was stinky."
"I'm proud to be an American!"
"Gotta dash!"
"Oh my tap shoes."
"I'm Mrs. Angry."
"We can't dance just silly."
"That house has two daddies."
"Mom, do you want me to pop your sorries?"
"My hair is hot!"
"If you need some cats, I have a lot of cats."
"You better put my batteries in!"
"I don't like socks!"
"Those (beans) will make me toot."
(To Josh) "You're a good boy."
"There's a booger in my ear!"
"I'm going to be a baseball bat!"
"I like horses and dada."
"It's Princess Ida."
"Can you floss my ear please?"
"I'm going to live in a bike."
"Mama, you'rs such a giraffe."
"This is my big belly run."
"Do I eat ice cream cones at night?"
"I'm proud to be an American!"
"Mama, I got you pretty!"
"Ouch, I bit my tounge! I'll hold it out so you can kiss it."
"Hi Auntie Em. You should've been a cowboy."
"Emerson, don't bow-wow me."
(Singing) "I'm a hottie, I'm a hottie."
"The green cake tastes like oranges."
"It's raining snowballs!"
"Mama, I'm a digger. I just dumped dirt on you."
"But Uncle Chris is a scary hippopotamus!"
"I peed in the snow and it was purple!"
"I'm a wibbly wobbly."
"I love pink boogers."
"I'm a super soccer.........."
"You need to hide in the fridge because you smell so good I want to eat you!"
"I want you to have a real baby so I can put it on a pillow."
"I need a little bit more for the absodudy."
"Put just a tad more of stinky on top."
"Dad, you are stinky, but I still love you."
"Oh man, Uncle Mike is going to be silly today."
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